Diamond Services International offers unique consulting services specialising in Operational Consulting for the Jewellery Industry.

I would describe myself as an Operations and General Manager available for short or long term contract to oversee areas of the business or a single project that you are unable to oversee yourself. – Sonia Giggins

Operational Consulting for Retail and Manufacturing Workshops

Consulting for Retail and Manufacturing Workshops

DSI is committed to offering ideas, strategy and solutions for streamlining policies/procedures and improving productivity within a jewellery retail or manufacturing environment. Business owners will often discuss with me areas of their business that they feel could be performing much better but are not sure of the best solution or strategy plan moving forward.

My past positions and experience over the last 20 years as a Sales Assistant, Jeweller Valuer, Stock Controller, Store Manager, Workshop Manager & Operations Manager, as well as assisting with Marketing and Accounts allows me to understand the operational requirements and the dynamics of all types of jewellery businesses.

I have the ability to walk into any business and observe staff, organisational structure and current operating procedures to identify areas for improvement and report back to the business owners. Usually this would involve a minimum of 2 days onsite working with the business owner and the team.

Operational and HR Policies and Procedures

DSI offers a service to customise and write operational and HR policies & procedures. Jewellery Business owners are often too busy managing client appointments, staff and their workshop that they never manage to put down in writing their actual operating procedures and policies which is important for training new staff. Without these policies and procedures staff training will often take much longer than necessary and the training is often inconsistent.

After working onsite with business owners and staff, Sonia is able to create a list of key policies that are missing and write Operational and HR policies specific to their unique business.

Independent Stocktake Audits

This service will include onsite or remote assistance once the stocktake has been completed. The missing items report will be audited thru SWIM software or your POS Software and in discussion with the Stock Controller/Manager/or Business Owner.

A final report will be issued and further investigating for stock shrinkage may be recommended. Previous stocktake results should be provided for comparison beforehand.

A Full Store Stocktake service is also available and can be quoted based on no. of days required onsite and location of store.

Jewellery Business Consulting Firm

Mentoring Individual Staff or Business Owners

Mentoring is an extremely rewarding part of my business. It is often hard for a Business Owner to discuss areas of the business with a professional unless that person understands the fundamental operational structure and the unique business behind it. Having worked closely with many Business Owners, Sales Managers, Head Office team and Jewellers I can offer unique insights and guidance. My ultimate goal in mentoring is to provide a broad range of personal and professional support, which ultimately leads to improved performance in the workplace. Confidentiality is key and I feel that I provide an intuitive and professional sounding board for my clients.

Stock Control Training, Management and Consulting

Lady studying jewellery

DSI offers ongoing training and support for Stock Controller’s who conduct and oversee regular store or department stocktakes. Often a salesperson is promoted into the role of a Stock Controller and like any new position will need specific training especially for stocktakes.

During stocktake times I offer phone support to ensure the stocktake procedures and audit is completed correctly. Ongoing training and mentoring in this role will see ongoing improvements in stock control and general procedures.

Staff Training for Head Office Positions

A jewellery business is forever evolving and may need to employ extra staff, create new positions or restructure. The reasons vary such as a new company direction, new store opening or simply a growing business. You may lose a long standing employee and have no overlap in time to train a new person. I can offer assistance with not only the training but also the new job descriptions during this process.

Website Projects

DSI is able to manage the entire website project with a web developer from planning the concept and design, quoting, thru to photography, acquiring image assets, and also organising the copy writing. If you are in desperate need of an updated modern website and no time or assets to do it in house then please contact me. I work with several brilliant web developers & SEO companies or I can work with your chosen website company.

Jewellery Business Consulting Firm

Marketing Projects

Kimberly jewellery window display

DSI offers several services to support your in house marketing manager. This may be as simple as exporting sales and customer reports & cleaning the data ready for a bulk email, SMS or MMS campaign. DSI has worked with many luxury brands to develop strategies for general advertising, EDM designs, social media campaigns, sales, competitions and in house and large external events.

We have also on many occasions started from scratch and developed a business strategy and put together required assets to kick off social media for businesses or have taken it to the next level. We include social media scheduling training in all social media projects and hand over in the required timeframe.

Photography and Retouching Projects

DSI works closely with several photography companies well known in the industry to oversee a project and work within a budget. We offer quite a few solutions at different price points depending on the project. Often the project is in line with a new website or a marketing campaign including social media.

New jewellery photography is needed urgently and DSI will offer several options working with your timeframe.

Jewellery Business Consulting Firm

Shopfit, Display and Packaging Design

Jewellery Business Management Consultant

One of the most exciting moments in jewellery retail is taking the business to the next level! This may involve complete rebranding with new shopfit, packaging, display and logo designs.

DSI has managed many projects big or small and is able to assist at any level from offering advice to complete management of the project.

Corporate Gifts

Needing new ideas for corporate gifts, Christmas gifts or a one off large order to cater for an event for example. No problem we have a large database of manufacturers locally and overseas to design something with the wow factor!

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