Case Study 3

Single Store Husband and Wife Business Owners – No POS Software – Manual Receipts


This extremely busy shop deals with a large volume of jewellery and watch repairs on a daily basis. Besides the husband and wife team there is only one other employee. The business was purchased approx. 10 years ago and has been running without POS software from day one. The day to day operations of the business have not allowed the owners to investigate POS Software or to be able to make the changes they need to grow the business forward.


The business is fast paced with clients in the store from the moment they open to the moment they close and often the owners work late into the evening. There is a high stock inventory of low value items that need to be entered into the new POS software and the owners are not very confident using computers or new technology.

Overview and Results:

A mutual client referred my services and I knew we would be able to quickly move the business onto Swim Software. Swim Software was perfect for this client with the very easy to use functionality and the job tracking features for repairs and orders. We agreed to a time frame and the number of days I would be onsite for training before I set to work. With any project like this one I start with an Operational Checklist for implementing and training of Swim Software.

For this particular business I wanted to make a few operational changes that will have a huge impact not only for productivity but gross profit. One owner was not so keen on my ideas and did not like change in general, but by the end of the project could see the results and these results of course can now be measured.

Offsite I worked with the owner overseeing sales to decide on how the Departments and Categories would be structured for reporting. While I set up Swim, I prepared a template for them to start entering important stock departments into excel spreadsheets ready for importing into Swim. This required a new stock code system and entering costs and retails with descriptions. Because of the number of stock items and the timeframe for roll out, I had decided that by the time I was onsite only the watch brands and diamond jewellery would be entered into Swim. Swim has a non stock area that enables you to sell an item of jewellery without a stock code. This is an in between solution until all stock is ticketed but perfect for small businesses who are time poor.

With the help of Swim support we setup the new printers quickly and stock and customers were now in the new POS system. I set up a few extra features such as email settings to directly email receipts to clients and enabled the SMS feature to send messages to clients from their job tracking page. These features were part of my larger plan to save time and money.

I divided the 3 days between one on one training and finalising specific tasks from my checklist. For example, entering all existing repair jobs into Swim and adding job tracking, bringing over old laybys, entering Special Order deposit sales in order to balance old system to new. We also used this time to update sales and refund policies and review pricing and procedures. By the end of the third day we had successfully operated with Swim for two days and completed all tasks. I left the owners to enter stock by department at their own pace and when the business allowed the time. I think I only received a few phone calls, text messages and emails in the next month of my ongoing support. I was so happy with the overall results and the ease in which the owners have adapted to the new software and technology. I have since followed up with the business owners and they couldn’t be happier with the new software and procedures. And the results are definitely showing for the owners who can now print instant reports!