Case Study 2

New concept boutique – Family owned business - Australia


This very passionate and highly motivated client had recently completed a Gemmology Diploma and contacted me to firstly set up Swim Software for the business but also to discuss the possibility of mentoring. Being a professional herself with a fast paced career in the medical industry, my client knew that by contracting my services she would be able to work part time in her current business and at the same time fast track her new jewellery business. We agreed on a 6 month mentoring and general consultancy contract where I would visit the business several times and also be available by phone at anytime along the way for advice.


The client is new to the jewellery industry with limited retail industry operational knowledge.

Overview and Results:

I travelled several times to my clients premises to implement Swim POS Software, assist with shopfit projects and to oversee the business launch event at a nearby 5 star hotel. Smaller projects included insurance policies, sales policies & procedures, corporate gifts, packaging, displays and setting up social media accounts.

The mentoring sessions involved a 2 hour weekly call every week to go over current projects, client orders, and any general operational questions. Mentoring is extremely rewarding and an important part of my business. I love working closely with clients and managers to help them achieve their goals and keep them on track with their business plan.

The main key project alongside the mentoring was to work closely with my clients web developer and marketing company to complete her website before the launch event. The website was half finished when I was handed the project. With quite a few professional image assets already, I knew the home page would look amazing, I just needed to organise more collection images. While onsite I quickly photographed all jewellery stock in the Gemlightbox and sent files to Picup Media for retouching. I finalised the copywriting for website pages and stock while I waited for the retouched images. Picup Media returned the images faster than expected and I was able to complete the project before the deadline of the launch event.

The business launch was organized in 3 stages in the ballroom of a 5 star hotel. The events were split in order to include media, customers, friends and colleagues from my clients other businesses. It was a challenge to organize a sit down lunch event, a cocktail party all in the one day along with a media breakfast but the launch was a huge success and a lot of fun for everyone involved!