Case Study 1

Family Owned Design & Manufacturing Business – Multi Store


This fast growing company was in urgent need of an Operations Manager to visit their Head Office to train the team in all aspects of Swim POS Software, stocktakes, auditing stocktakes, to implement stock control procedures, streamline all operational procedures, improve overall productivity within the company, and in general assist the General Manager to take the business to the next level.


The business was growing fast and the Head Office was under staffed with no full time person overseeing Stock Control or Marketing.

Overview and Results:

During a 3 year time period I completed many projects in addition to the original contract of implementing stock control procedures. Some of the projects included marketing and print ads, new website, professional photography, operational templates, HR contracts, recruitment and training of new key staff at Head Office, mentoring, displays and packaging design, corporate gift designs, insurance policies, as well as handling all Swim related projects. I knew that some projects would take some time to show results but others were instant.

Early in the contract I identified the need to implement Job Tracking across 3 locations and the workshop. In order to implement job tracking firstly an audit was required on all current outstanding client orders and job packets at all locations. During the project I trained all staff to Job Track using Swim Software and implemented step by step procedures at the Boutiques and Head Office. With a strong background in workshop and manufacturing, I can definitely say that job tracking is by far one of the key features of Swim POS Software. The functionality of the program and the ability to SMS clients with updates on their job and advise them when it is completed is simple amazing. The instant improvements in communication and productivity within a team can only be described as exceptional. The management team can focus on business development and other areas of the business instead of missing a manufacturing deadline or searching for a job packet for example.

Another key project I managed involved working closely with a website developer to custom design and launch a brand new website. During this time Picup Media launched their business and I was so thankful I discovered this service very early on in the project. I was starting from scratch with image assets and also working within a budget. To build up an image library over time with a professional photographer is extremely costly. The Gemlightbox Iphone photography solution and Picup Media’s retouching service was therefore a “game changer”. I now had the option to take images in the boutiques and within 48 hours have them uploaded to the website. A choice could now be made between professional photography and Iphone photography depending on the item of jewellery. The website was launched smoothly with fantastic feedback from clients and their customers. There is nothing more I enjoy then to complete a project and deliver results beyond expectations. It is also extremely rewarding to look back now to where we started and where the company is today.