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DSI works closely with a network of web developers, SEO companies and several forward thinking businesses to manage your entire website project.

From planning the concept and design, quoting, thru to photography, acquiring image assets, and also organising the copy writing.

If you are in desperate need of an updated modern website and no time or assets to update your website quickly in house then please contact me.

I am also happy to work with your chosen website developer.

Web Solutions for Jewellery Businesses


DSI is continually researching and looking for new technology to integrate into client’s existing software and operations. Picup Media’s Gemlightbox product is the first ever smartphone jewellery lightbox and they recently launched an add on turntable with iPhone app. This product is a “game changer” and a must have in every jewellery business. If you are in need of new image assets this is the place to start!!

GemLightbox is a revolutionary lighting environment to create beautiful reflections, shiny metals and amazing facetted stones.

Our plug and play jewellery photography lightbox system is designed for simplicity, convenience, and consistency.

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